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Why not join our Weekly Roll-Up Group Lesson?

Would you like to meet other golfers, make new friends, Improve your swing plus get  get some all important exercise? If yes, our weekly roll-up session sounds just right!


A relaxed, fun, enjoyable and informative learning environment is what makes our Roll Up sessions so popular. Our PGA Professionals won't over complicate matters and will provide you with clear and simple advice to accelerate your improvement. We won't try and rebuild your swing, we just want you to understand why you hit your poor shots and the recipe for great shots. All areas of the game are covered in these sessions.

Our Roll Up lessons are held every Tuesday from 11am-12pm with Mark Richecoeur.

Each roll up class has a maximum amount places available and our lessons topics change weekly ranging from driving to putting.

Members & Non-Members - £11.00    Payment Online Only

Range balls included in cost of session.

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Every week those who attend the Tuesday roll-up class have a coffee and tea afterwards in the the clubhouse for 30 minutes before heading out onto the golf course for a 9 hole round. Everyone's ever so welcome so come along!

All sessions are delivered by experienced PGA Professionals who can be contacted if necessary by emailing

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