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Individual coaching with PGA Professionals

Whatever your goals may be, we can help you achieve them through one-to-one tuition at The Short Game Golf Academy. From complete beginner to the scratch golfer we will take away the frustration of golf by helping you understand why you hit your poor shots and the secret to regularly unlocking your great shots. 

Mark Richecoeur

Head PGA Professional

Has experienced coaching at the highest level, teaching players from the European Tour, Challenge Tour and Euro Pro Tour. Mark currently coaches several amateur county players, and is the Director of Short Game Golf Academy and Kidz Golf Ltd.

Mark understands the importance of simple and effective coaching, and enjoys the challenge of coaching golfers of all standards and abilities.

Andy Morgan

PGA Teaching Professional

With over 30 years’ experience coaching players of all abilities, Andy has a wealth of knowledge within the game of golf and thrives upon the challenge of improving every player he meets.


Andy understands that building the perfect model swing isn't as important as building an effective one in terms of performance as this is the key to enjoying this wonderful game and playing consistently. Custom fitting is also a specialist topic which Andy has a huge amount of knowledge in.

Mark Griffiths

PGA Teaching Professional

Mark has gained valuable experience coaching a wide range of abilities, from beginner to professional, at both private members clubs and teaching academies, even taking his own coaching business into the workplace!


He helps pupils to improve their golf and enjoy their game more. More recently, Mark has introduced thousands of new golfers to this wonderful game through one of the largest beginner programmes in the country.


Mark loves nothing more than taking a complete beginner through to a competent player! His friendly, calm manner is perfectly suited to helping the most nervous, new golfer get started and not feel intimidated; he is encouraging and constructive in his feedback and will help develop your skills and confidence.

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