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Art of the Short Game 

What does the ‘Art of the Short Game’ course cover? 

Session 1 (Putting): To fully understand putting set up and stroke mechanics. To learn the art of reading greens like tour pros and caddies. Basic putter fitting and loft and lie adjustment to suit stroke mechanics.

Session 2 (Chip & Run): Understand and achieve the fundamentals of the chipping set-up. How to regularly perform the correct impact whilst chipping and understanding the ‘angle of approach’ of clubhead into the ball. Selecting the correct shot and club type around the greens, including percentage play.

Session 3 (Pitching): Understand and perform the fundamentals of the pitching set-up. How to regularly achieve the correct impact whilst pitching and understanding the ‘angle of approach’ of clubhead into the ball. Introduction to the mechanics behind performing the ‘lob shot’. Assessment of wedges and loft & lie adjustment where necessary.

Session 4 (Greenside Bunker): Understand and perform the basic greenside bunker ‘splash shot’ set-up and swing, with the variations/adaptations for poor lies. Learn how to play from plugged lies, shots from bunkers with varying depths of sand. Choose the right club for the shot and understand the importance of bounce.

Session 5 (Taking it to the course): Understand when and how to apply different shots on the course. Club selection from poor lies and shot choice. Reading greens and understand how the ball will react on slow/fast greens and slopes.

The secret to a lower score is a solid short game, but mastering this area of the game can be very frustrating. If this describes your short game then this is the course for you!


Covering all aspects and shots required to cut your score around the green, we will give you a comprehensive understanding and the knowledge to confidently play all the necessary shots you require to improve your skill and reduce your score.

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