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Academy/DL Golf Membership

The Academy (Short Game Golf Academy & DL Golf Membership) is an initiative designed to provide potential new golfers with a comprehensive introduction to the game, and the perfect stepping stone to full membership of the Golf Club.

‘The Academy’ is an instruction-based package which aims to allow new, and novice, adult golfers to learn golf and the benefits of being a golf club member. It’s a perfect follow up to our Start Golf Beginner Group Sessions’.

The Academy runs for a period of 12 months at a cost of just £599 and provides learners with extensive access to the golf course (pm only), entry to Academy roll-up competitions, instruction in the rules of golf and individual coaching with our experienced Head PGA Professional, Mark Richecoeur or another coach. It is available for one year only and is issued in the name of an individual only.

So what’s included?

Joining the Academy costs £599, with the aim of getting golfers to a level of on-course competency which will allow them to progress to full membership of the golf club at the end of that year.

The package includes, but is not restricted to:

  • 1 x half hour introduction session, to activate.

  • 1 x monthly half hour individual golf lessons (to cover all aspects of the game)

  • 6 x 1 Hour Learn Golf Group sessions to be booked against advertised classes

  • A monthly roll up for the Academy (organised by Head PGA Professional, Mark Richecoeur)

  • Rules and etiquette sessions social evenings.

  • Unlimited use of the David Lloyd Hampton Golf Club (after 12pm everyday)

  • Access to the bar & restaurant facilities.

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An Academy bag tag allowing access to the golf course at off peak times (Monday to Sunday after 12pm). Those in the Academy will be requested to check in with either the main reception or golf information office before play to obtain a receipt. A tee off time must be booked before play.

The Academy is open to anyone with a desire to improve their game in an effort to progress onto full membership of the golf club. The Academy will aim to be of assistance at every stage of members’ development.


The opportunity to partake in club functions and roll-ups will make progression to full membership a seamless one.

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