How we Recognise Achievement

We Reward Learning and Improvement We have developed a unique 'Golden Golf Ball' system to reward kids who show good attention, listening and learning skills throughout a Kidz Golf lesson.

Golden Golf Balls aren't just given out, they have to be earned throughout a session through continued excellence! There is also an opportunity to trade them in for bigger and better prizes such as...

5 Gold Balls = 3 Wilson Golf Balls

10 Gold Balls = Kidz Golf Cap

15 Gold Balls = Golf Club (Iron)

Kidz Golf Certificate Presentation Evenings

Completing a Kidz Golf Programme level (1-6) is a big achievement so we celebrate this at our awards presentation inviting friends and family along. To pass a level kids are required to complete several skills challenges, memory tests and playing on the golf course which all require focus and hard work.

Short Game Golf Academy

Short Game Golf Academy, David Lloyd Hampton, Staines Rd, Twickenham, Middlesex, TW2 5JD.

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